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NIOB Andre Thuillier Bebe Jumeau Signed Bisque Artist Doll~Patricia Loveless

Get ready to be swept away by the exquisite beauty and captivating charm of Chantilly, the stunning reproduction of the very rare French doll by Andre Thuillier from the late 1880s to early 1890s. This masterpiece has been lovingly recreated by award-winning designer artist Patricia Loveless, and it is nothing short of a work of art.

The Andre Thuillier face is a specific type of Jumeau Bebe doll that features a face sculpted by Andre Thuillier, who was a well-known French sculptor and artist. These dolls are often referred to as A. Thuillier Bebe dolls.

Crafted from the finest bisque, Chantilly features a socket head  numbered 160 of 2000 worldwide firings, designed after the famous and rare Andre Thuillier French Bisque Dolls.  She includes a bisque shoulder-plate, lower arms, and lower legs, paired with a cloth torso, upper arms, and upper legs. Her stationary gray-blue eyes are accentuated with hand painted upper and lower lashes, eyebrows, and a closed blush painted mouth, perfectly complemented by a blush on her cheeks.

Chantilly's blonde hair is styled in long spiral curls, crowned with a gorgeous pink bonnet that is tied with a dark pink ribbon and trimmed with shirred cream lace, pink, green, and white fabric flowers, and feathers. The bonnet is still encased in factory applied plastic to keep it fresh.  She still wears her hairnet to protect her hair from damage and she wears tiny pearls in each of her pierced ears. 

Dressed to impress, Chantilly is adorned in a pink satin dress with a dropped waist, shirred cream lace over-bodice, and embroidered cream mesh over-skirt. Her ensemble is further enhanced with a pink brocade coat that features an cream crocheted collar and is trimmed with cream lace, pink, green & cream ribbon, strands of imitation pearls, dark pink ribbon, and dark pink satin roses. Completing her look is an cream cotton petticoat, pink satin pantaloons, cream lace stockings, and cream shoes with ties and trimmed with cream brocade and satin rosettes.

Chantilly comes complete, new in her original box and includes her stand, original papers, and includes an exclusive Designer Guild "Bebe" pin making her a must-have addition to any doll collection. Chantily stands 20 inches tall without her hat.

Indulge in the timeless beauty of Chantilly, and let her capture your heart and imagination with her breathtaking presence. Order now and experience the joy of owning this magnificent work of art.

She was owned by an antique doll collector/investor and never displayed or taken from her box except for the photographs and video. She was stored in a climate-controlled environment without exposure to pets or the elements. All factory applied wrappings are still intact.

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